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University Professional and Technical Employees, CWA 9119, is the union of technical and professional employees at the University of California. We are Staff Research Associates, Computer Resource Specialists, Clinical Lab Techs, Editors, Student Affairs Officers, Social Workers, Writers, Museum Scientists, Lab Assistants, among may other titles. There are more than 11,000 UC employees covered by UPTE contracts. Staff and administrative professionals are organizing for UPTE representation as well.

UPTE was founded in 1990 by a group of employees who believed that UC workers would benefit by having a union to safeguard and expand our rights in the workplace. There are UPTE locals at all UC campuses, medical centers, and the national labs administered by UC. In 1993, UPTE members voted to affiliate with the Communications Workers of America (CWA), a 700,000 member union in the AFL-CIO, in order to better organize and represent UC workers.

In November 1994, UC’s 4,000 technical employees were the first to vote for UPTE representation. In 1996, 3,700 research professionals voted for UPTE, and in September of 1997, 2,000 UC health care professionals followed suit. All three groups elected bargaining committees and negotiated enforceable contracts with UC.

There are two large groups of UC employees working through UPTE to represent themselves on the job. Over 10,000 staff professionals – including Student Affairs Officers, Analysts, Programmers and many others – are seeking collective bargaining rights to address problems such as a flawed merit pay system and increasing workloads.

UC employees at Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico are building an UPTE chapter. In 2002, the Society of Professional Scientists and engineers at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, SPSE, affiliated with UPTE and are working with staff at Lawrence Berkeley and Los Alamos Labs to make sure UC employees at DOE facilities are represented.

UPTE is a democratic, member-run union made up entirely of UC employees. Decisions are made by UPTE members and their elected representatives. Our success is due to the high level of activism among our members.

We invite you to join us. For more information please give us a call at 831-429-8783 or contact us by email at upte@upte-cwa.org.

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