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4 Oct 2013

UPTE Annual Statewide Convention Nominations

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

UPTE’s annual statewide convention will be held in Costa Mesa, California, at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa, from Saturday, March 30th, 2019 (11 AM) through Sunday, March 31st, 2019 (5 PM).

 The convention is the highest decision-making body of the Union and will set the program for the coming year, consider amendments to the UPTE Constitution, and adopt resolutions on a wide range of social, political and economic issues.

 A key focus of this year’s convention will be focused on:

    •    Completing the RX, TX and HX contract bargaining process.

    •    Mobilizing against UC’s attempts to weaken our Retirement Security by reducing our Pension and Retiree Health benefits.

    •    Mobilizing to grow and protect our union in a post fair share environment. 

UPTE Local 3 at UCSC is entitled to 6 convention delegates and 6 alternates.

All members in good standing are eligible to serve as convention delegates and alternates.

If you want to be a delegate, you should run for this position with the intention of attending the convention for both days (03/30/19 and 03/31/19). Please note that Friday, March 29, 2019 is a paid holiday (Cesar Chavez Day) that will facilitate travel to the Convention site to accommodate the 8 AM start time on Saturday, 03/30/19, and will not require an attendee to take time off from work, paid or otherwise.  The union will reimburse hotel expense, mileage, and other reasonable travel expenses.

To nominate yourself or another member, please click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your Web browser) that will take you to the UPTE-UCSC website where you can place a name in nomination:

If six or fewer members accept nomination to serve as convention delegates, they shall be considered elected by acclamation. If more than six members accept nomination, the top six vote-getters will serve as delegates, and the next-highest vote-getters will serve as alternates.

Please remember that UPTE is a member-run, member-driven union, organized and mobilized from the bottom up, not the top-down. Your engagement as a member is essential to our collective and individual success. Please consider being a delegate to the annual convention as a cornerstone to our grassroots effort.

Yours in Solidarity – The Executive Board of UPTE Local 3